Report: Mobile Tech Not Exclusive to IT

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Companies realize the dramatic potential that mobile tech can have on their business strategies and performance. Senior decision-making executives are willing to increase mobile budgets, according to a new study on the impact of mobile tech. However, many companies have little  mobile experience in-house, so new mobile initiatives often get stopped before they can get any traction.

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Empower Your Security Team with Mobile, Visual Tech by Engage by Cell

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While many public institutions such as museums use security teams, interaction between individual officers is still heavily reliant on on old-fashioned walkie-talkies and radios. Those allow only for verbal communications, of course, but we live in a highly visual world. Allowing security teams from communicating visually makes their jobs much easier. This is now a real, successful and cost-effective reality with the Engage by Cell mobile platform.

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Top 8 Ways Learning Institutions Use Mobile Services

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Engage by Cell partners with hundreds of primary schools, large universities, smaller colleges and other scholastic organizations. Their use of mobile technology is driven primarily by the need to increase fundraising and widen the fundraising pool of prospects, to increase awareness of an organization, its activities and its programs; and to increase overall engagement with large, segmented audiences.  

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