Ask a Mobile Expert: Apps versus mobile website


By gopal  |  Posted December 10, 2020

Trying something new is always a bit daunting. Rolling out a mobile initiative takes some planning, and of course, a simple platform like the one provided by Train by Cell. So that’s why we’re bringing you “Ask a Mobile Expert,” our column where we answer real questions we’ve received in the last few weeks.

Q: Our company is looking to expand into mobile. We’re torn between native apps or a mobile website. What do you think is the better option?
A.  Unless you have internet connectivity issues, most of our 250 clients are using mobile smartphone sites.  They are 75% less expensive to build and maintain, the analytics provided are instaneous and rich, and your workforce does not have to download anything.

Q: If I implement a mobile training platform, do I need to provide the mobile devices?
A: It is rare for our clients to provide mobile devices.  There are two situations, however, where providing a device does make sense.  The first case is in a factory where QR codes have been placed on equipment.  These QR codes point to our mobile platform where videos, manuals, documents and information relating to repair or maintenance can be found.  Often our clients buy tablets, put them in an industrial case, and leave them on the factory floor.

The second case is for retailers.  Often our retail clients will buy a few inexpensive tablets for each store.  They will then load training material onto our platform, an instantly all of that material is now available for review by in-store employees.

Q: I want to test a pilot with about 100 people. How long would does it take to set up and roll out and what does it cost?
A: Test pilots are the best way to learn how our product works with your employees. For a short-term project, say about 1-2 weeks, we often provide that complimentary.  For a 30 to 60 day pilot, the price can range from a few thousand dollars on up, depending upon how extensive your pilot will be.

Q: How do I educate my management team and higher ups about your technology?
A: We’re big believers of show and tell, so let them see firsthand what our platforms can do. We offer free demos/webinars for your management team – let’s schedule one.  Once your team views the mobile experiences on their own phone during a demo, they are generally hooked and ready for a pilot! 

Webinars are a great way to learn more about mobile and see what Train by Cell offers.  Click here to see our webinar schedule and register today. 

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