11 Reasons Not To Use Mobile


By gopal  |  Posted December 10, 2020

Sure, if you use mobile technology to interact with your chamber members, you’ll improve participation, save money and streamline your workflows, but mobile is not all it is cracked up to be! Here is our tongue-in-cheek summary.

  1. Too many people will start showing up at your events and you will need more nametags, chairs and alcohol!
  2. If you survey or poll your attendees at an event in real-time, you will learn their needs all too well. Drama!
  3. You’ll significantly increase your engagement with your members — who wants all the extra work?
  4. You will have to feign embarrassment as you accept your award for reinventing your chamber at your chamber association’s annual gathering.
  5. Millennials will show up in droves, so you’ll need to stock up on energy bars and LaCroix soda. (But that’s OK, because you’ve been drinking it since before it was cool).
  6. With real-time reporting, you will have access to analytics for your campaigns. That’s something you don’t currently have with many email and direct mail campaigns. But who needs to know whether your message was ever delivered or read!
  7.  Manager’s worst nightmare: Too many leads!
  8. Your friends will start to call on you for technical expertise and DVR hook-up. Just tell them that when you created a web app for your chamber, you didn’t even need to ask IT for help.
  9. Your members will expect you to offer the same Mobile Websites and Text Messaging services to them as a perk.
  10. You’ll need to figure out what your chamber will do with the money you’re saving from not sending snail mail and the time you’re saving by automating dues payments.
  11. Other chambers will follow your lead, but they may get angry that they didn’t think of it first.

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